PRESS RELEASE                           9/9/08
To: News Editor


The first Freedom Watch™, a new Patriotic watch symbol, is awarded to freed Colombia hostage, Ingrid Betancourt.

According to Alan Boltin of Breakthrough Sports, the creators of this new flag-watch symbol, we wanted to honor a special person in the world who truly represented what Freedom and Democracy stand for. Ingrid stood up for what she believed in and never gave in to her captors.

The purpose of The Freedom Watch according to Boltin is to remind people to think about the true meaning and price of "freedom", and the importance of getting involved in our local and national elections. Freedom he says is about understanding the issues, the candidates and participating in the democratic process by voting. Boltin thinks if we surrender our right to vote, we may also be surrendering our right to "freedom."

Perhaps The Freedom Watch is signaling the coming of a new era for America, when once again we will have the respect and admiration of the world?

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